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ETR 350

Entrepreneurship 350
Strategies for Entrepreneurship:
New Start-ups, Buyouts, and Franchising


Focuses on the opportunities and challenges involved with starting acquiring, owning and operating new business ventures. Examines the three primary strategies used by entrepreneurs to acquire a new business venture and create personal wealth.


Scarborough, Norman M. and Thomas W. Zimmerer. “Effective Small Business Management:

An Entrepreneurial Approach” 9th Edition (Person Prentice Hall 2006). ISB No.: 13:978-0-13-615270-5


ETR 210 – Introduction to Entrepreneurship

COURSE OBJECTIVES: During the course we will cover the following topics:

  1. The Challenge of Entrepreneurship

  2. Building the Business Plan: Beginning Considerations

  3. Building a Business Plan: Marketing and Financial Matters

  4. Small Business Marketing Strategies

  5. Putting the Business Plan to Work: Sources of Funds

  6. Location and Layout

  7. Managing a Small Business: Techniques for Enhancing Profitability

  8. Managing People: A Company’s Most Valuable Resource

  9. Legal Aspects of Small Business: Succession, Ethics, and Government Regulations.


Classroom Tests (5) 50%

Research Paper/Presentation 25%

Final Examination 25%

STUDENT COMPETENCIES: At the completion of this course, a student should be able to:

(1) demonstrate knowledge and understanding of key entrepreneurship terms and concepts that relates to small business management;

(2) awareness of issues in small business management and possible solutions;

(3) engage students in independent research through an interview of a entrepreneur/small business owner; and

(4) enhance students’ ability to communicate research findings in written and oral delivery.

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