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ETR 210

Entrepreneurship 210
Introduction to Entrepreneurship


Introduction to the practical and theoretical considerations involved in entrepreneurship. Surveys the preparation of business plans, strategies for financing, market assessment, development and protection of business ideas, management, and strategies for survival for new business ventures.


Kuratko, Donald F. & Hodgetts, Richard M., “Entrepreneurship: Theory, Process and Practice”, 7th Edition (Thomson South-Western, 2007). ISB No.: 0-324-36237-4



COURSE OBJECTIVES: During the course we will cover the following topics:

  1. The emerging world of entrepreneurship.

  2. The entrepreneurial perspectives that resides within individuals.

  3. The development of an entrepreneurial plan.

  1. The process by which most entrepreneurial ventures are initiated.

  2. Issues effecting the growth and development of entrepreneurial ventures.

  3. Contemporary issues in the world of entrepreneurship.


Classroom Tests (5) 50%

Case Analysis Reports (2) 20%

Final Examination 30%

STUDENT COMPETENCIES: At the completion of this course, a student should be able to:

    1. understand and use basic entrepreneurship terms and concepts;

    2. identify and provide solutions to common problems shared by many entrepreneurs;

    3. understand the life cycle of an entrepreneurial venture from conception, to preparation, implementation, and termination of the business venture; and

    4. collaborate successfully with other students in the completion of a group project.

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